Enough protein?

Wait, aren’t we primates too?

I have been a vegetarian for nearly seven years and it is true that the most common questions about vegetarian diet concerns protein. “How do you get your protein?” “What do you do about protein?” and as the Bizarro cartoon mentions “Are you getting enough protein?”  Very briefly, on the protein issue. The average North American diet has an excess of protein. Besides, vegetable protein is much leaner than animal protein on account of animal fats. In his Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga (chapter “Natural Diet of Man”), Swami Vishnudevananda suggests we look at the example of the gorilla. They are lean and immensely strong, quick though heavy, with strong teeth and nails and a soft, shiny coat. Let’s face it, we’re primates too. Our teeth resemble primate teeth and not those of carnivorous animals. Our stomach acids are much weaker than those found in the stomach of a carnivorous animal. This is why it is difficult for the human body to digest meat. We should notice here that we only eat herbivores so why not eat the grain directly instead of eating the animals left-overs.  We’re also the only species that needs to cook its meat. We often feel sluggish after a big steak. Vegetarians on the other hand enjoy easier digestion and feel much lighter as a result. This is all aside from the cumulative health costs involved in a meat heavy diet. I always suggest trying to reduce the amount of meat-meals by one or two a week. This will make a difference in your bottom line but also in the global economic system. The social reason rests on the fact that we can feed a lot more people with that grain than if we give it to slaughterhouse. The truth is there are still lots of people out there without enough to eat. Let’s be grateful it’s not us (so don’t waste food).


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