Yoga Inc.

Earlier, I posted a discussion about commercial Yoga between Ted Grand (Moksha Yoga) and John Philp. Here is Philp’s 2007 documentary Yoga Inc. Only an hour long and worth a watch.

Yoga Inc. (2007)

Personally, I don’t go in for the competition aspect. I understand what the young champion (Esak Garcia) was saying but if it’s really for yourself, then you don’t need to show it off. One of the things he said was that he wanted to show something that he works really hard on. I can draw two parallels but neither fit. The first would be someone who practices a musical instrument. Either you practice and you also perform or you practice because you just enjoy playing, in which case you don’t perform. In either case, Yoga is not performance based. The second is sports training, which is definitely for the sake of competition. The advocates of the championship say that the competition is with themselves. That’s not really competition in the strict sense (as in our sports example) and you certainly don’t need a glitzy media event to compete with yourself. As to the industry of Yoga; it is what it is. I’ll discuss it in detail in a future post. I’m just glad people are practicing.


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