On Change

All is in flux.” ~ Heraclitus

The nature of this universe is change. In Yoga it is described as the interplay of the three gunas. Even when this is obvious, it’s not easy. We resist the inevitable and in doing so cause ourselves to suffer. The Taoist example is of a stick floating in a stream. It can swim with the current and go quickly to the destination or it can lay across the river and struggle against the current. Either way the stick is going where the river wants it to go; the choice is how we want to make the trip. We also need to have faith in the river.

The ability to confront change is Yoga.” ~ A. G. Mohan

Here is a short talk by J. Krishnamurthi (that helped motivate me to finish my thesis).

Also, the intro to the album “Introducing Joss Stone”. It’s called “The Vinnie Jones Intro” and has always been enjoyable.


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