On Attitude

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails.

A nice little saying that may be helpful as we prepare for a new year. We need to remember that the only thing we can be sure to change is ourselves. Sometimes that means a small adjustment in perspective or change of attitude. The following story helps to illustrate just that.


Once, a young man went out to a remote forest in search of a great master, a realized saint. After searching the isolated forests extensively he finally came upon a hermitage. Ever gracious, the saint greeted the young man at the door of his hut. The saint welcomed him and offered him some meagre repast to replenish himself. All the while the young man ate, the saint sat quietly smiling. When he had finished, they spoke a little.

The young man asked the saint, ‘Master, what did you do before you were enlightened?’

‘Well’ said the saint, ‘I used to chop wood and draw water from the river.’

‘And now that you are enlightened, what do you do Master?’ asked the young man.

‘I chop wood and draw water from the river.’ replied the Master.

The young man was perplexed. The Master continued, ‘You see, before it was a chore and a burden but now it is a joy and a delight.”


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