Devi Mahatmyam (part 2)

The second episode is perhaps the most celebrated and is dedicated to Maha-Lakshmi. Once, there arose an asura king of great power named Mahishasura. His armies fought a war with the forces of Indra for 500 years but he subdued the devas and gained the three worlds. He oppressed the devas and took away all their dominions and duties. Led by Indra, the devas went to Brahmaloka to complain to the supreme trinity. Upon hearing the story of their defeat, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva became very angry. The faces of the three great gods began to glow in anger and they emanated a light and so did the bodies of the devas. The light from the gods joined in front of them and took the form of Durga. The gods were overjoyed and showered Durga with praises. The gods then each presented her with various gifts (mostly weapons) for her many arms. Durga then mounts her steed, a mighty lion and charges off to do battle.

On hearing the uproar, Mahishasura assembled his armies and marched to meet to devas. There they met Durga who destroyed all of his generals and many hundred other asuras. Devi’s prowess in battle is described in great detail. Mahishasura then joins the battle himself in the form of an enormous buffalo; when cornered by Durga he also took the form of a lion, a man and an elephant. Again in his buffalo form, Mahishasura roared foolishly at Durga. She laughed, then drank some wine before pouncing on him and pinning him under her foot. She pierced him with her spear and from the buffalo’s mouth came the real form of Mahishasura and Durga eventually beheads it with her sword.


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