On Water

We can learn many practical virtues by examining the qualities of water:

  1. Humility: water is very powerful but often appears calm.
  2. Flexibility: water adapts to any situation. “Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup; You put it in a bottle…” [Bruce Lee]
  3. Contentment: when water has the opportunity to flow freely; it does without boasting. When it must reduce to a trickle; it does without complaint.
  4. Faith: water never doubts the course of the river and has supreme faith that it is being brought to the Ultimate Source (the ocean)
  5. Patience: with time, water can bore through solid rock, drop by drop.
  6. Perseverance: when water meets an obstacle, it does not stop. It continues to run, amassing enough strength till it can either remove the obstacle or overcome it.
  7. Stillness & Clarity: water can be serenely tranquil and in that stillness a great clarity can be witnessed.
  8. Generosity: water is the sustainer of all life on this planet and asks nothing in return.

“Be water my friend[s]!” – Bruce Lee


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