On the Weather

The weather is a funny thing, especially in Montreal. The continued weather trend has left people scratching their heads; a real roller-coaster of sorts. There are a few things we can learn from the weather:

It teaches us the impermanence of all things. As the weather is ever-changing, so is this universe of ours. Yoga (and Buddhism) teaches that much of our own pain and suffering (dukha) is caused by seeking permanence in a world of impermanence. In our own lives we can see this at play in our moments of pleasure, objects of pleasure and relationships.  Yogasutra II:5 reads: “Ignorance is perceiving permanence in transience…”

The weather also teaches us not to look outside for our own happiness. On a bright sunny day we feel fantastic and on a gray and rainy day we feel down. It’s a simple example but accurately illustrates how taking our happiness from outside never leaves us fulfilled or satisfied. If we are dependent on situations, comforts, pleasures and people for our happiness we should know that those things will change and we will invariably lose our “happiness”. Real happiness comes from within and that way we can have it in all places and in all circumstances. The classic Indian story used to illustrate this point is about the Musk Deer.musk deer This delightful creature, through its glands, emits a lovely odour. Smelling it, the deer runs all over the forest searching for the source of the fragrance never realizing that it is that source. The same is said of we who spend our lives chasing happiness in the material world when it can only be found in the very depths of ourselves.


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