Swami Sivananda

A Yogi must cultivate cheerfulness!

Question: What standards measure true greatness?

Sivananda’s Answer: The true greatness of a human is to be measured, not by the amount of wealth, nor by the number of bungalows, nor by the exercise of personal influence, but by the degree of selflessness, all-embracive outlook, generosity, liberal views, cosmic benefaction, self-sacrifice, egoless, self-effacing nature, grade of perception of unity in diversity and humanitarian services. A truly great person is pious, spiritually elevated, magnanimous and noble-hearted. He/she can never have a thought for their self and prefers the welfare of humanity, casting aside all petty, selfish and personal interests. He/she ever prays for the welfare of humanity. Where there is an open, un-constricted, expansive, large heart, there lies true greatness.


Be Good; Do Good.

One harsh word throws a man off balance and a little disrespect upsets him. How weak he has become, despite his boasted intellect, his high position in society, his degrees, his diplomas and titles. Bear insult; bear injury. This is the essence of all sadhana. This is the most important sadhana. If you succeed in this, you can very easily enter the illimitable domain of eternal bliss. Nirvikalpa samadhi (super-conscious state) will come by itself. This is the most difficult sadhana. But it is easy for those who have burning vairagya (dispassion) and true yearning for liberation. First you must become like a block of stone. Only then you will be established in this sadhana. Now nothing can affect you. Abuse, ridicule, mockery, insult, persecution – none of these can have any influence on you.   ~Sivanandaji


True religion does not consist in ritualistic observances, baths and pilgrimages, but in loving all. Cosmic Love is all-embracing and all-inclusive. In the presence of pure Love all distinctions and differences as well as all hatred, jealousy and egoism are dispelled just as darkness is dispelled by the penetrating rays of the morning sun. There is no religion higher than Love. There is no knowledge higher than Love. There is no treasure higher than Love because Love is Truth, Love is God



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