Sivananda’s students

Swami Sivananda never left India (apart from Malaya & Ceylon) but his message spread across the globe. This was done directly by the massive printing and free distribution of his books in English, as well as his teaching/guidance via correspondence (see Sivananda Upanishad). Even more effective was his indirect influence through his numerous famous and well traveled students. He strongly encouraged sanyasa (renunciation) and as such he raised an army of swamis at the Divine Life Society headquarters in Rishikesh. Here is a little about the most influential of that generation of gurubhais (students who were trained together under one master). As a point of pride, I like to mention that most of them are South Indians (specifically Keralites).

Swamis Sahajananda, Pranavananda, Satchidananda, Chidananda, Vishnudevananda & Venkatesananda


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Samir Rawal
    Dec 14, 2015 @ 22:22:51

    Sad that you feel the need to mention their native states on the website.. I thought the whole idea was to go beyond the identities of the body..

    Regardless nice site, I applaud your efforts.

    And my salutations to the greatest of them , Adi Sankara also a Keralite..


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