at 73 in 1962

Breath is central to Yoga because it is central to life and Yoga is about life.

in 1925 with diplomas & medals

Inhale and God approaches you.

Hold the inhalation and God remains with you.

Exhale and you approach God.

Hold the exhalation and surrender to God.

Most important is to provide necessary health, so that we can digest the food we eat,

sleep well, and remember what we have been taught and what we have studied.

Yogashala at Jagamohan Palace (Mysore) 1934



Illness is an obstacle on the road to spiritual enlightenment. That is why you have to do something about it.


at 100 in 1988


Knowledge is not only memory.

Every day there must be something new.


No one is wise by birth, for Wisdom results from one’s efforts.


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